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September 22, 2015 28 comments 49 shares 68 plus ones
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There have always been many ways to Invite People Into your Hangout Filmstrip but lots of people still struggle with helping people enter or join the call.

Perhaps that is why Google just added a few more easy-peasy options to invite people into your Hangout Video Call or Hangout on Air (HOA) filmstrip.

You can now press a Gmail "M" logo or press a G+ logo to have the invitation link automatically included in a Gmail Email message or a Google+ Post respectively... who sees that email or post is up to you.

You'll see these options after using the "Invite People" icon at the top of the video call interface (1) if you are the HOA Host or it is a Hangout Video Call.

Learn more about hangouts of all types via a self-paced video training course ( ) or via an Interactive Membership Community ( ).

Maybe Blab, and its ease of getting people into the 'video room' has encouraged this update.
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September 21, 2015 5 comments 3 shares 16 plus ones
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We'll be having a members only overview on WebinarJam Studio (WJS) Tuesday 9/22/15.

WJS expert +Jon Schumacher will be guiding the overview for us and helping me address any questions you may have.

We've already done overviews on 2 other Hangout Wrapper programs (Business Hangouts & Crowdcast) for which members can find replay videos on our membership site. Now comes an overview on one of the most highly marketed Hangout Wrappers called WebinarJam Studio.

Links to the live session can be found inside the Hangout Mastery Private Google+ Community. "See you on the inside!"

Anyone wanting to join in with other Hangout Mastery members can sign up for membership here:

September 15, 2015 2 comments 0 shares 13 plus ones
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The important thing to remember if you're affected is that you are not alone. If you have prostate cancer or if you're the partner, family or friend of someone affected, it may help you to blab with someone who has been there. +Scott Silverstine will be hosting a Blab conversation on #ProstateCancer , join in the conversation.

On September 15 at Noon EDT Dr. Jamin Brahmbhatt, a leading expert on men's health, a previous guest on FOX, CNN and Yahoo Health, and a robotic surgeon will turn up the volume concerning prostate cancer on the Prostate Cancer Blab:

Blabbing early about prostate cancer can save your life! Why wait?

September 12, 2015 15 comments 0 shares 50 plus ones
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This is one of the reservoirs on Pikes Peak (N. Catamount). I'd guess we are at about 9,000 feet above sea level here. Some of the Aspen trees are turning yellow.

September 10, 2015 5 comments 3 shares 20 plus ones
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September 03, 2015 14 comments 8 shares 26 plus ones
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Join in on the discussion on Blab... The topic of Building TRUST as part of your video marketing efforts will be the main focus. Why does using LIVE VIDEO make a difference when it comes to Trust and Relationships?

Visit the link below and 'subscribe' to this show.

We Go Live @ 9pm ET/6pm PT tonight; 9/3/15

This will be my first time Hosting a live Blab session. I've been a video guest on a few others, but never hosted... till now!

I plan on bringing in a lot of the viewers if you want to show up in the video, so be ready! (you get to request to be on video, I don't just force you ;-)

September 03, 2015 23 comments 1 shares 33 plus ones
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New look and lack of the "+" or the Hangouts Logo

Google has been updating their logos all over the place, today is the first time I've seen it inside the Hangouts/HOA Interface.

Any thoughts?

September 01, 2015 6 comments 2 shares 37 plus ones
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View of my campsite last weekend near Terryall Colorado. Wonderful weekend to be camping (the weekend before Labor Day) as literally nobody was around Friday night and only one other camper/tent showed up on Saturday afternoon in the area near us.


August 28, 2015 4 comments 4 shares 15 plus ones
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Did you know that uploading a video to Facebook that you did not make/own is not legal? Apparently many video uploaders on FB didn't know that.

Soon FB videos will go through a more robust Content ID system similar to what YouTube has had in place for many years now. Read more about the details as well as get to the FB announcement via the linked +ReelSEO​ post below.

Facebook Content ID for Video is Coming, Addresses Freebooting

Freebooted videos on Facebook are a serious issue for many creators, but Facebook has now promised more robust rights management for licensed video content.

August 25, 2015 3 comments 10 shares 21 plus ones
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Interest based collections can be a wonderful place to gather items that interest you and your clients, customers & friends.

+martin shervington and team have pulled together a slide deck here with lots of tips and answers to common questions regarding Collections. Check it out and bookmark it for later when you decide to dig into Collections further.
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A Guide to Google+ Collections