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November 22, 2014 7 comments 13 shares 52 plus ones
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For a short time, starting up a Hangout on Air (HOA) via a link was requiring us to use the Scheduled HOA Event format... now it has returned to its former status.

Due to user feedback it appears, we are able to use links to start up Public HOA broadcasts without needing to use the Scheduled HOA Event format (SHOAE).

The link format is used by many of us to create an Event-less Public HOA broadcast. Many 3rd Party tools were also using a similar method to start up HOAs... and they have struggled since approx Nov. 6, 2014 because it forced the use of the extra tools and options with the SHOAE format (like the Applause app, Showcase or Q&A app).

Now we are able to just use the link and start up the HOA as we could prior to 11/6/14.

I created a bitly link that many use: and have helped many build specific shortcut links for Page run HOAs as well.

My bitly link points to this official Google Link:

Thanks for sending feedback to Google, and thank you to Google for listening. More details in the Hangout Mastery community
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November 21, 2014 11 comments 11 shares 70 plus ones
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Recently we received a new twist on the internal chat called 'group chat' when inside the hangout filmstrip... it shows internal chat text above the thumbnail of the typist. This screenshot shows how it integrates with other apps.

Pictured here are a couple of ways to see comments/text chat while inside a Hangout on Air (HOA). The right-most panel is displaying some Viewer Comments via the Hangout App named Comment Tracker. Just above the filmstrip thumbnail is chat text (a comment) from a filmstrip participant.

Prior to this recent update, in order to read the chat text from a filmstrip member, we needed to activate the group chat pane (top blue icon on left) which would auto-close the Comment Tracker pane... now we can see both at the same time. I like the change... how about you?

Read about the update of this new internal group chat function via this post:

Thanks again to +Michael Daniels pictured chatting here for pointing out the new update... Michael is a Hangout Mastery member. You can become a member too by checking out
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November 20, 2014 45 comments 21 shares 88 plus ones
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When you are inside a Hangout video call of any kind (HVC or HOA) you can now see the internal text chat above the video thumbnails in the filmstrip.

This just showed up inside Hangout Video Calls. If your group chat pane is already open, you won't see this above the filmstrip, but if the group chat window is closed as pictured here, the latest chat text for each person typing will show above their thumbnail image for only those inside the Hangout Video interface.

This chat area is internal to hangout participants only... viewers of a HOA broadcast will not see this internal chat text. h/t: to +Michael Daniels for pointing this out.

This means filmstrip participants won't have to open up the chat window to see the chat action during a hangout video call or hangout on air.

Keep up with all these changes by joining us in the Hangout Membership group called Hangout Mastery - get details here:
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November 20, 2014 0 comments 7 shares 24 plus ones
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The video talks about 4 reasons to attend... I'm adding a 5th!

I'll be speaking at the event in San Diego this March and would love to meet you face to face in real life! - that's reason Number 5.

If you are thinking of attending, please purchase via my affiliate link here: to receive whatever discount is still being offered. If you purchase by Friday this week, you should be able to save $500 off your ticket.

If you purchase via my affiliate link I will be compensated by the event creators after the event ends.

Hope to see many of you there in person!
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November 19, 2014 20 comments 26 shares 54 plus ones
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Great ideas written up by +Wade Harman and published on +Social Media Examiner's website for getting more folks to watch your Hangout on Air Broadcasts (HOA).

Wade has outlined some of the tried and tested ways to build an audience for your HOA broadcasts. From promotional ideas to smart tactics for networking, this short article is worth the read if you use or plan to use HOA as part of your online activities.

Some ideas discussed here are part of what I'll unpack as a featured speaker at  #smmw15  (Social Media Marketing World 2015). I'll be talking about the use of HOAs to build & empower your audience. If attending SMMW15 is of interest, please use my affiliate link to get a discounted ticket for the San Diego event happening in March 2015
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How to Get More People to Attend Your Google Hangout |

Do you host Google Hangouts on Air? This article shares five things you can do to bring more live viewers to your Google Hangout on Air.

November 18, 2014 2 comments 20 shares 43 plus ones
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Quick easy read... check out these simple yet effective ideas on how to boost your engagement on Google+.

I'm honored to be among those leaving short yet powerful ideas on how to get more engagement on Google Plus. These ideas are for those new to or experienced with the Google Plus platform.

Others included in the article are +Eric Enge +martin shervington +Mike Allton +Adam Connell +Debbie Miller +Ian Cleary +Neil Patel +Christian Karasiewicz +Ashley Faulkes 

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Ask the Experts: 10 Ways to Boost Your Engagement on Google+ - Brandwatch

Whatever your social media channel of choice, and whether you spend your time tweeting news, pinning all the pairs of shoes you’d like to buy, instagramming your dinner or sharing holiday pictures on Facebook, we always expect people to +1, like, retweet, repin or comment … Continued

November 14, 2014 7 comments 19 shares 47 plus ones
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Page or Profile... the struggle continues. If you're thinking Page, Read This!
Check out this very helpful, clearly written article re. The Art of Managing a Google+ Page... if you are considering doing that or are currently doing that, you'll be glad you did.

Time to read & digest: approx 5 minutes.

Even if managing a Page is not on your radar, many of the Do's and Don'ts listed in the article will help you manage your Google+ Profile properly as well.
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h/t: +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales for the article and +martin shervington for the website on which to show it.

The Art of Managing a Google+ Brand Page - Plus Your Business

Managing a Brand Page on Google+ is tricky. Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales shares the most important things to begin with when managing a Google Plus brand page.

November 13, 2014 15 comments 1 shares 58 plus ones
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Zoom in on her mouth and look for icicles - the temperature is about 0° F, who knows what the wind chill is, burrrr

I know for some of you this is not that cold, but for our first cold snap of the year it is for us and we normally have more mild temperatures in Colorado east of the mountains. That's why we like it here!

November 12, 2014 9 comments 2 shares 23 plus ones
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Watch this Hangout on Air show featuring +David Amerland, +Eric Enge & +Mark Traphagen as they discuss the impact that Social Media Communities can have on Search Marketing and Social Media Marketing... aka Online Marketing.

I recently took a Poll on where I spend most of my time when on Google+ and surprised the pollster when I said it was in communities. They thought it would be on Hangouts on Air (HOA) or Hangouts.

I do spend loads of time using and posting about the Hangout and HOA tools, but as I thought about it, I really do spend the majority of my time inside Communities.

That could be because I run a private one focused on learning Hangouts (Hangout Mastery)... but they are also a wonderful place to get to know people focused on an interest you share.

Hope you enjoy the 1 hr. video. Please share in the comments below one of the most important points it brought up for you.
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link to the HOA event:

November 11, 2014 20 comments 3 shares 53 plus ones
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Hope you are staying warm!
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