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September 25, 2014 6 comments 2 shares 15 plus ones
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If you weren't sure how to sign up for emails from YouTube channels to which you subscribe, here is a quick visual guide that shows you how to both subscribe to a channel and get email notifications for new content from that channel.

Thanks for the tips +martin shervington 
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How to subscribe and receive emails of new content - Plus Your Business

Find out here how to subscribe on your favorite YouTube channels and receive emails when they upload new content.

September 22, 2014 7 comments 23 shares 46 plus ones
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Hangouts on Air or HOA work quite well with Events. This 5 min. video will show you the 3 different ways we can build Events that include a HOA Broadcast.

This video discusses what the purpose of Events are and how they work well with HOA broadcasts. It is a portion of a more complete training session.

The 3 types shown are:
1:44 ► Google+ Scheduled HOA Events
2:51 ► Google+ Traditional Event with an HOA included or inserted
3:47 ► YouTube Live Event using the HOA 'quick' option

In case you'd like to come back later and review how to build one type vs. another, click on the time stamps above to jump to the portion of the video you want to see.

There are plenty more details needed to do the HOA Event building properly which are covered in other videos and discussed on a daily basis in the Hangout Mastery membership community.

Please join us in this valuable paid community if you'd like to keep up with all the constant changes or efficiently learn how to use HOA tools. Check out details at

Special thanks to +Michael Daniels & +Heather Kraafter for being so patient while this part of the training took place.
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September 18, 2014 32 comments 130 shares 126 plus ones
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Since Google's Hangouts on Air (HOA) first started, the filmstrip has been limited to only Google+ Account holders... things have shifted. Now even non-G+ Account holders can be participants inside the video area of a HOA (aka filmstrip).

Why do we care? Because now we can more easily get people into our HOA Broadcasts even if they don't want to make a Google+ account for themselves... yet.

You'll still need to have a Google Account at a minimum to play...
"Google Account" stuff:

But... A Google+ account is no longer required to join or create multi person video calls or to join into a HOA started by someone with a Google+ account.

Here is the Google Help doc that covers this new development:

There is lots of info to weed through there so I've done some research and verification for you and have come up with the following:

Starting a HOA still requires a Google+ Account, but Joining into a HOA should work with just a Google Account.

Minimal Hangout Apps for non-G+ account holders.
The only hangout apps that will work for non-G+ users are screenshare and group chat - all other apps are disabled.

Special considerations for invites into the filmstrip.
The non-G+ account holder must be invited into a Hangout Video Call (HVC) or HOA via the invite dialog first before they can join with a link to the HVC or HOA.

We'll be discussing much more about this new development in the paid membership community called Hangout Mastery - join us there to keep up with the constant changes via

I think Google tested this out a bit with the Google Apps folks recently, but from what I understand this is the first time non-G+ Account holders have been allowed inside a HOA Broadcast. Good news. Hopefully once they taste and see that it is good... they'll want to create a Google+ account so they can use all the functions offered.
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September 17, 2014 11 comments 25 shares 59 plus ones
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Check out the 4 minute video where the Google Apps team talks about using Hangouts on mobile.

Fast paced and informative, I think you'll like the way this info is presented.

To find other HOA videos I and others that have worked with me have done on mobile devices, check out the hashtag #MobileHOA  
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September 17, 2014 0 comments 9 shares 28 plus ones
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This is a great summary of resources and links to 10 different sources if you are wanting to get more out of YouTube or Hangouts on Air (which make YouTube videos).

+Tom Martin does a wonderful job summarizing what each resource offers and why you'd want to check each one out. I'm honored to be part of the list along with many other valuable blogs or people listed to follow.

Many names you may know already, some you may not. My personal relationships with those listed are with +Tim Schmoyer & +Gideon Shalwick & +Peggy K 

Check out the article and let me know what you think.
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Follow These 10 Blogs To Improve Your YouTube Results

If you can't find what you are looking for here on FAQ Tube try these 10 expert Blogs for help on YouTube and online video

September 16, 2014 18 comments 12 shares 53 plus ones
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This is a web version of an email I just got from Google.

They are encouraging us to use HOA (Hangouts on Air) with their special tools like the Q&A app highlighted in the graphic here. Plus they are suggesting that those using the tools know how they work. Good idea!

...whether you're providing answers to frequently asked questions or interviewing celebrities, producing a successful Q&A takes a little preparation and practice. Here are three key areas to focus on before you broadcast live to the world.

They suggest we:
1) Utilize a confident moderator (to keep the show moving).
2) Include guests who add value to the conversation.
3) Know what we are doing ;-) It's important that Hangout hosts know exactly which buttons to push and when.

For all these points I offer my Hangout Helper services either as a HOA consultant or via the very affordable Hangout Mastery membership areas

For the Do-it-yourselfers... Google offers a link to the special tools they make that interface with HOA here:

Here's the web version link of the email (or click the image below)
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Google +

Mastering the art of Hangouts On Air. With Google+ Hangouts On Air, businesses and brands have an opportunity to connect to a wider audience in unique and personal ways. But whether you're providing answers to frequently asked questions or interviewing celebrities, producing a successful Q&A ...

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A few days ago Google added the ability to help make a person the "Presenter to Everyone" in a Hangout Video Call (HVC) or a Hangout on Air (HOA). The goal seems to be allowing those in the filmstrip to easily focus on the main presenter no matter who is speaking.

The normal switching of what we see in the main video area based on who is speaking is being affected by this update. This could also be accomplished by "pinning" but many new to hangouts don't know about that.

If you are doing the screen sharing, you should see the top green bars shown in this composite screenshot.
(1) Is used to turn screensharing on (or off).
(2) Tells you that you are screensharing and allows you to 'stop' or "Present to everyone" which means those in the filmstrip can all focus on you no matter who is speaking.
(3) Lets you stop 1 of the two actions shown.

If you are the Host of a HOA or any filmstrip participant in a HVC you'll have the option to make someone (including yourself) the Presenter... see (4). This means that everyone in the filmstrip will see what the Presenter is showing no matter who is speaking. That action alone doesn't turn on screenshare, you'll still need to do that manually (1) to share your screen.

More details on what this means and why we care in the membership area

Link to Official announcement blog:
Link to Google Help doc:
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h/t: +B.L. Ochman for bringing this up along with +Debi Davis & +Michael Daniels for helping me test what it means (all Mastery members).

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Like all of the Expanded Player HOA Event apps, people watching your HOA live or as a recorded video on YouTube will need to press the annotation link to get to see the 'special stuff' in action.

The wording for that annotation link has changed over time, now it reads:
Be part of the conversation
Click here to join the audience for this Hangout...

Click that link and you'll be viewing via the Expanded Player window which has room to show you all the extra stuff that is enabled by the HOA host.

Learn more about how Hangouts and you can work well together by joining Hangout Mastery... a paid membership area that is well worth your investment if Hangouts are in your plans
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h/t: +Marilyn Moore +John Moore & +RightStart Websites for the screenshot & HOA

September 10, 2014 14 comments 6 shares 31 plus ones
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Free calls in the U.S. and Canada, International calls at low rates.
Check the linked post for details re. what needs to be done to get this ready to go for your smartphone's hangout app.

We've been used to mainly the text message type of Hangout conversations that can easily turn into Video Calls... now we'll have more options to use our phone and hangouts to do Voice Calls.

More details can be found here:
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Call me maybe? Introducing free voice calls from Hangouts

September 10, 2014 82 comments 17 shares 47 plus ones
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Google just rolled out another app that ties directly to HOA Events that are created via the left-sided "Hangouts" menu. It is called the Applause app.

At the time it was rolled out, it has been turned on by default, which means all HOAs (Hangouts on Air) you start via the Scheduled HOA Event process will have the Applause app turned on. See how to disable it each time here: ...

The Applause app along with the Q&A and the Showcase apps all use an "Expanded Player" window when you press the play arrow to view the HOA broadcast or recording. That makes interaction with Event Comments more difficult, but that is a conversation for a different time.

The ability to cheer or boo at various times during a HOA is what we get with this new app. This is another way that Google wants us to interact with HOA shows. Anyone can see the audience response and can jump to the areas of the most cheers or boos by clicking on the interactive chart that shows below the video area.

Learn more details about this new app on the following Google help page:

Are you cheering with the rollout of the new HOA Event app?
Please leave feedback in this post's comments if you like, but when you are on the Event page and see this app in use, let Google know what you think via the left-sided menu's Feedback link (or by pressing @ on a grey area). If you do that while on the Event page, Google understands your feedback better.
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