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July 25, 2014 14 comments 3 shares 29 plus ones
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With purchasable attire on the side, apparel, tickets, etc.
+FOX Sports using the Showcase App in their Hangout with 2 world class soccer players and some fans. Manchester United & AS Roma involved. Taking advantage of their American tours.

h/t: +Sunny Cadwallader 
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July 25, 2014 10 comments 3 shares 32 plus ones
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This is tricky and may not be practical, but if you want your viewers to still add live comments in an event while watching a live show using the Showcase or the Q&A app, you'll want your viewers to try the pop-out options offered inside the expanded player window pictured here.

Let me know if this works. Chances are you'll have less comments when using these tools, but the Showcase app does have some very valuable benefits.

Many more details covered in the Hangout Mastery membership area (a paid monthly membership).
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July 25, 2014 14 comments 17 shares 54 plus ones
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Here are the basic 4 steps to take when wanting to engage your viewers using the new HOA Showcase App along with a Scheduled HOA Event. 
The Showcase app will allow viewers to see the live or recorded HOA broadcast along with a list of links displayed on the side of the main video feed. There are many fantastic uses for this HOA option.

The Showcase App was introduced to the public yesterday. We'll be having a private training session today for all active Hangout Mastery members on all the details needed to make it work and some great ideas on what to use it for.

Today's training will also include some groundbreaking teaching techniques; besides using the slides I've been preparing for the past few weeks, we'll also be showing the Host's interface as the audience asks questions and they get answers demonstrated live.

If you are not a member and want to be, visit for details (all the training we do is archived for you).

Google also released a fact sheet on the Showcase App which you might use as a primer to get you started:
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July 24, 2014 33 comments 20 shares 41 plus ones
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Even if YouTube viewers discover your Hangout on Air (HOA) broadcast which uses the new Showcase app, they can still see the links that the Showcase app is showing off if they get into that interface via a single click on the automatic annotation.

There are loads of uses for the Showcase app when doing HOA Presentations. The new app allows you to showcase live links to online content as part of your video presentation (live or recorded).

Many people may discover your HOA videos while on YouTube. There is a simple click (1) they must do on the automated annotation shown and then they end up in the expanded player view and can see the HOA video (2) with all the added links due to the Showcase app.

We'll be covering many of the ins and outs of this brand new HOA app in the Membership group called Hangout Mastery, come join us via (it is a paid membership).

Announcement post re. Showcase App:
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July 24, 2014 54 comments 4 shares 34 plus ones
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...hopefully only for a little while! I've heard from many that the event I just held was hard to find for some, and has now become impossible to find for anyone.
UPDATE: Events Pages seem to be working again.

I'm guessing it is a system wide issue, anyone else know what's going on? I've already left feedback, I hope others do too.

My event shows in my "past events" area of my community and the Event's page, but when you try to click on it you see similar to what is shown below.
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July 23, 2014 7 comments 4 shares 27 plus ones
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Along with these Great Suggestions below, don't forget to use character formatting to help people more easily read through your post.

Surround your text with special characters to get Bold, Italic, Bold & Italic, or Strikethrough

The Special Characters are:
* For: Bold
_ For: Italic
_ * For: Bold & Italic
- For: Strikethrough

What tends to break the formatting is having extra spaces before or after the special characters. One space if fine (usually) but more than one causes problems. The formatting can be quite tricky at times!
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Google +

Crafting a quality post on Google+. There are several schools of thought on what makes a quality post. For some, it's all about the visual—catching the eyes of viewers midstream and getting them to stick. For others, it's a captivating line of text that prompts the reader to dig deeper.

July 23, 2014 3 comments 2 shares 40 plus ones
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Colorado sunset from a few nights ago.

July 22, 2014 23 comments 29 shares 61 plus ones
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This is experimental... This is rolling out... Two phrases that mean you may or may not see this happen in your online world. But the idea that may show your Live HOA Broadcast when people search for relevant terms is quite wonderful!

Here is the official announcement page:

...And some text summarized from that page:
A live event will start to show up in search up to 3 hours before it starts.
Click "Watch Live Event" and you'll be taken to the Event Page. If the event is live, press the play arrow to watch, if it will be live later on, then choose "Yes" to the Are you going to watch? question and the event will be added to your Google Calendar along with some reminders.

So what can we do to help this happen for our broadcasts?
► Use HOA Titles that are relevant to searchers
► Schedule your HOA activity ahead of time so Google can find it
► Early on (before you broadcast) Edit/Add meta data to your HOA events via the YouTube Live Event interface... more relevant info helps Google surface your HOA in search... Video SEO tactics apply

To learn what you need to know about the HOA tools, join us in the membership community called Hangout Mastery... details at
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h/t: +Peter Lunn +Kath Dawson +Bern Rexer +Craig Long for the find

Watch live events on Google - Search Help

We're rolling out an experiment where you can easily find YouTube live events or Hangouts on Air to watch by searching for the event on For example, if an author is answering questions

July 21, 2014 19 comments 21 shares 44 plus ones
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At this point we have 197 responses to the Survey question that asked "Where do you watch HOA?" The pie charts and breakdown are shown here in the attached graphic.

81% say they watch Live HOA on a Google+ Event page/post.
53% say they watch the Recorded HOA on YouTube.

The choices were limited to focus the survey between watching on YouTube vs. on a Google+ Event. And between watching Live vs. Recorded HOA activity.

It could have been a 2 question survey (the top 2), but when mobile gets involved it gets a bit tricky, which is why questions 3 & 4 were included. Even if we start the viewing process (live or recorded) using a G+ Event page or post with a mobile device, we will actually end up watching on YouTube.

This graphic shows a small sampling (approx 200 people) and since I am a proponent of the HOA Event tool, the results are likely biased in that direction to some degree. The survey is still available to be voted upon at this point and you can do so here:

Thanks to everyone that voted and shared the initial posting of the survey. It seems to show that there the event page is a valid place to spend time watching HOA activity for many people.

Special thanks to the members of the Hangout Mastery private community that helped in the development of the survey... we'll be discussing the finer details there.
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July 18, 2014 4 comments 6 shares 26 plus ones
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This article has some cool advanced tips/techniques for using Google Plus as a marketing platform... well worth the read.

The +Social Media Examiner will be holding a massive online event (Social Media Success Summit) in October 2014 at which I will be one of the speakers... Yea! I'll be covering how Business can get real value out of using Hangouts.

As a speaker, I have an affiliate link to share with you re. that event. I'll make a percentage of the fee if you decide to signup. After every Friday, the latest discounted rate will change, so if you are considering attending, signup NOW (you can always cancel later) to lock in your best rate. Please use: to check it out.
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