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December 16, 2014 5 comments 0 shares 18 plus ones
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Come join me at #SMMW15  - I'd love to see you face to face in real life as we say. Visit for details.

Some may know but here's a short version of the story...
I used to travel a lot as a software trainer... fast forward to the launch of Google+ and Hangouts & Hangouts on Air. Travel was cut dramatically since I could meet, train, develop partnerships, build relationships... all via Hangouts.

But there still is something special about meeting you face-to-face in real life. I'll be speaking about Hangouts at SMMW15 and I'll stay a couple days after it is over to network, so if this social marketing stuff is part of what you do, please click the link ... (my affiliate link) to learn more and get the best discount available. Then let me know you'll be there so we can connect.

Hope to see some of you there "Live".
Who's going or planning on going?
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December 15, 2014 19 comments 14 shares 65 plus ones
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Circles are part of Google+ in so many ways... so it makes sense that the notification 'bell' has now changed to be a circle.

While in a post HOA Greenroom, eagle eye +Stephan Hovnanian noticed that the bell is now a circle.

Shown below is the before and after... No. 2 is in the middle of the refresh of the Google+ page.
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December 15, 2014 10 comments 18 shares 39 plus ones
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Not too long ago +Stephan Hovnanian was pointing out that there was a new format for Google Plus Reshares. Now that it has been out for a bit I thought I'd point out an observation.

I work with lots of Events on Google+ as they are a great way to present a Hangout on Air (HOA) broadcast. The Event post has always been treated a bit differently than a Regular post on Google+ and the new reshare format is no exception.

When someone creates a post of any type on Google+ and then someone else Shares that post it creates what we call a Reshare. Getting back to the Original Post was a bit more difficult in the past, the new format now makes it a bit easier. In the past you needed to know about clicking on a time stamp in the right place... tricky for new users or those that utilized G+ less often.

Easier to get back to the Original Post Now

For Regular Posts, there are 2 places that link to the Original Post... 1st right next to where the old time stamp was near the top of the reshared post area sporting the link "originally shared" next to the name of the original poster. The 2nd place is a link tied to the number of comments that exist on the original post with a link format of "X comments on original post".

For HOA Event Posts, there are now 3 places that link to the Original Post... 1st like above near the name of the poster, 2nd is the Highlighted Title of the Event post & 3rd is the same as above linking back referencing the number of comments on the original post.

The comments link seems to take a bit longer to show up but for most situations it eventually does if there are comments on the Original Post.

Have you noticed any special things about the new format for Google+ Reshares?
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December 11, 2014 5 comments 1 shares 26 plus ones
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From the article: The predictive search and natural language recognition that power Google Now are coming to Google Hangouts...

Another quote to allay any snooping fears:
...everything is handled algorithmically, Fulay said. “Nobody is reading your conversations in hangouts or anything like that.”

This shows that there is a lot more 'under the hood' than stickers and filters. The updated Hangouts App announcement post can be found here:
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Google Hangouts App Offers Quick Answer to ‘Where R U?’

December 11, 2014 1 comments 7 shares 39 plus ones
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You can share your Drive stuff with others and they can view, comment or edit that shared file depending on how you share it with them.

This 2.5 minute video shows you how.
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December 10, 2014 16 comments 8 shares 43 plus ones
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There is some scheduled YouTube Maintenance that will make HOA or other live stream broadcasts not work for a couple of hours soon.

Here's the text I read on my YouTube Live Events area:
YouTube live is planning maintenance from December 9, 2014 8:00 PM MST until approximately December 9, 2014 10:00 PM MST. It will not be possible to create, start or stop events during this time. Events already started will continue to stream uninterrupted.

The times translated to EST (New York time) are:
Dec 9, 2014 from 10pm to approx 12am (12 Midnight) the next morning

Down Times translated to London time are 3am to 5am 10-Dec-2014

December 09, 2014 7 comments 8 shares 32 plus ones
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If your G+ post includes a YouTube Video as a major component you can track the reshares of your G+ post and reply to many of them in one place... On YouTube.

This is a repost from almost 1 year ago, but I know that many people do not realize the wonderful way you can find the reshares and easily reply on one page... Think of it like Google plus' Ripples, but with easy access for interaction.

Do you take advantage of this option for your posts that feature videos?
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December 08, 2014 2 comments 10 shares 40 plus ones
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Music Hangouts How To Tips from +Daria Musk and +RAM Rich...
If you use or are considering using Hangouts on Air (HOA) for broadcasting & recording live music concerts and bringing in some live interaction, this is a post for you!

The short text info presented by +Geek Beat is a handy overview, but there is some fantastic in-depth conversation going on inside the 47 minute video featured on the post itself.

Daria just had a fireside concert over the weekend... catch it on the recorded video that HOAs automagically create for you here:

If you decide that HOA and you need to get along better, please join us for a little while in the Hangout Mastery membership. Get details here: - See you on the inside!
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Daria Musk Gives Tips for Online Streaming Concerts

December 04, 2014 16 comments 16 shares 55 plus ones
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Around October 30th, 2014 the Scheduled HOA Event had 2 apps that were on by default: The Showcase App and the Applause App. Now we can choose to change that default if we like... and it remembers!

Many HOA Hosts really did not like the forced default. Yes, we could turn the apps off manually each time we created a Scheduled HOA Event (SHOAE), but what we really wanted was to choose an app if we wanted to use it instead of needing to turn off apps we did not want to use.

Google Listened!! Yea. Thanks for offering feedback!

Now, when you, the HOA Host, get to the SHOAE page, you can choose which apps you want off or on for that HOA and the next time you setup a SHOAE the choices you last made will remain (until you change them again).

Use of those apps for many of us took away engagement opportunity. If you know why you are using them, then great. Be advised, the 2 mentioned are still on by default until/unless you change them! And once you start your HOA Broadcast you can no longer turn them off for that HOA.

These special apps are toggles... click their icons on the video player to turn them off or on. Reference post on that here:

If engagement with your viewers is your goal and you are serious about running HOAs... please join us inside the Hangout Mastery membership areas. Learn more here: Special details about this change are posted there.
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December 04, 2014 22 comments 1 shares 17 plus ones
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If you use Helpouts, you can't charge a fee for your helpouts services soon to people in certain places.

Here is a quote from an email I just got re. the upcoming changes (emphasis mine)...

We want to let you know that we've updated our Terms of Service for Providers and Customers. With this update, providers from Ireland or the United Kingdom will only be allowed to offer free Helpouts. In addition, customers in the EU will only be able to take free Helpouts. Starting December 19th, 2014, you will need to accept the new terms when you visit the Helpouts website. In the meantime, you can view the new terms.

Here is a link to the info:

Not good news IMO.
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Terms of Service and Privacy Policy - Google Helpouts Help