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October 17, 2014 6 comments 8 shares 25 plus ones
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Get Direct Feedback for questions you present in Google Plus' New Polling Feature.

+martin shervington walks us through many aspects of setting up and using Polls... Just what I was looking for.
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h/t: +Ben Fisher for the alert

A Guide to Google Plus Polls - Plus Your Business

Google+ polls are a great way to find out people's views at the click of a button. Great for quick engagement, and for gaining insight too.

October 16, 2014 4 comments 10 shares 29 plus ones
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Hangouts on Air are a wonderful and FREE way to spread your message no matter what type of organization you are. This video talks about what Google offers to help Nonprofits etc. get the word out with grants and other assistance.

This Google video is 7.5 minutes long and may be helpful to get funding for your nonprofit. Pass it along to those you think could benefit.

If help is needed to learn how to use the Hangouts on Air tool, check out our low cost training environment at
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October 15, 2014 38 comments 19 shares 440 plus ones
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This is the time of year when we'll still have green grass, a few changed leaves on the trees and yet may have beautiful snow covering the nearby mountains. Pikes Peak is the 14,000+ foot mountain shown here - it is part of the Rocky Mountains in the USA and is very close to Colorado Springs where I live.

I hope you are enjoying this time of year wherever you are living.
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October 13, 2014 14 comments 30 shares 72 plus ones
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You can control a lot of your user experience with your Hangouts Chrome App via the settings area. This 3-image graphic shows you one area that you might want to adjust.

There are times when I like the conversations I am part of to be hidden automatically when I click away onto another area on my computer, but at other times I might want to keep that conversation visible.

The image below shows how to adjust the new Hangouts Chrome App settings we see to do just that. Follow the 1, 2, 3 steps shown.

The left-most image shows a new message (with a blue 1) came in on another conversation... there is no need to adjust your settings to see that, just mouse over it (unless of course you've turned off that function via your settings shown in the right-most image).

To see a series of images I created to show how to use the Hangout Chrome App and also download it for your computer, visit:

Keep up with all the Hangouts changes by joining in with others in the paid membership area called Hangout Mastery... details here:
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October 13, 2014 3 comments 1 shares 12 plus ones
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Many know already how powerful Hangouts on Air can be when we want to Communicate a Message. +David Amerland writes up a wonderful summary of that power in the linked article below.

He is following up with a HOA he did featuring +Yifat Cohen and +Kristin Drysdale which is linked to as part of the article.

Here are a few important quotes to encourage you to read more of the summary by David (Emphasis mine)...
The Google+ Hangouts On Air have been the secret weapon of Google’s social network. Not only have they allowed Google+ members to connect, visually, with each other across national borders and timezones but they have also become the only viable shortcut that exists in terms of branding.

Yet Google+ Hangouts are also one of the most challenging mediums to work in. It requires a clear understanding of who you are and why you do what you do. This is a requirement because the medium, in order to really work, requires trust. Trust in yourself and trust in your audience and the only way you can really engender that is through the validity of your conduct and the humanity of your approach.

...The Hangout On Air is as far from the traditional broadcast mode of marketing as it is possible to get. At its core is a very strong humanizing experience that comes with the connection one person makes with another. Nowhere is the transition from a web of websites to a web of people more felt than in a Hangout on Air.

Check out the article and if you can manage the time, watch the HOA linked within.
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SMTPowerTalk 10: The Visual Power of Hangouts in Social Media Marketing

Hangouts on Air are the secret weapon of Google+. This month in our regular #SMTPowerTalk series, we ask two practicing experts to share their insights with us and help us understand Hangouts and Google+ a little better.

October 12, 2014 6 comments 9 shares 32 plus ones
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The author of this article +Mike Elgan does a great job of addressing the common question re. Google Plus: How is it that people either see it as a Ghost Town or an Incredibly Engaging Social Network?

Here's a quote from part of his summary, but you'll want to read the entire +Computerworld article to get the full 'flavor':
The reason I like Google+ so much is that I'm very passionate about my interests, and I want to base my social networking around that passion. I also like the provably superior level of the conversations, the obviously superior anti-troll features and the fact that Google+ has zero advertising -- but does have the best photo tools and video Hangouts. Those are all icing on the cake.
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h/t: +martin shervington for the find. #GooglePlus   #SocialMedia  

Why Google+ is the place for passions

The single biggest controversy about social media is whetherGoogle+ is a dying wasteland of non-activity or a hive of conversation and engagement. Mike Elgan is here to explain why it's the latter.

October 10, 2014 0 comments 28 shares 27 plus ones
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The Hangout Mastery is a paid membership environment where you can learn all you want to know about Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. We offered this type of trial membership before to a limited group... it worked out well so we are offering it again.

One of the best parts of the Hangout Mastery membership is the ability to ask for help and work with others in the group. Many members test out ideas and concepts with other members all while getting answers to the questions they run into right inside the community.

Visit: to sign up for the limited time free trial into our Private Community.

This is a 15-day free trial offer for a limited number of people. If you are interested, sign up soon to get in on the deal. Or pass this offer on to someone you know would be interested. When all 50 free trial memberships are taken, you'll be given the opportunity to get on a waiting list for the next time we run this fantastic value.
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October 09, 2014 42 comments 33 shares 62 plus ones
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I've created 11 numbered and annotated images to help you find your way around the brand new Hangouts Chrome App which allows you to interact with Hangouts on your desktop instead of inside a Google+ browser window.

Feel free to ask clarifying questions about the Hangouts Chrome Desktop App in the comments below.

For more info from Google, here's the Google Help page they just published:

For more help with Hangouts and Hangouts on Air come join us for a month or longer in the Hangout Mastery membership areas... check out details at

To download the Chrome App visit this link:
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October 09, 2014 11 comments 10 shares 43 plus ones
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I don't have the new polling feature yet, but found a post that did.

You get to see what the percentages are after you cast your vote. I was able to click on my choice after I voted and it turned that vote off and allowed me to change my vote choice if I wanted to.

Pics here show (1) before I voted and (2) after I voted.

Here's the link to this poll if you'd like to test it out:

* Note: you can also see the results before you vote via the upper right dropdown arrow choice "view results" - h/t: +Otavio Silva for the tip
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October 09, 2014 4 comments 2 shares 18 plus ones
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I have a trusted friend that is helping market this cool Ampy power device and he just let me know they are starting to raise money via +Kickstarter - looks like a cool idea.

Check out the Kickstarter page linked here (includes a 3 min. video and other pics) for this movement powered device that can charge your USB things like phones, wearables, tablets, etc.

Clean energy creation to charge your cell phone. If you like the idea, contribute to the cause and share the info. Even if it is just $1.
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AMPY: Power your devices from your motion

AMPY is a wearable device that captures energy from your motion, turning it into power to charge your phone or any USB-powered device