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August 28, 2014 2 comments 6 shares 24 plus ones
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As the authors mentions, we don't really like doing a show that nobody is watching. Build your audience first!

There are lots of suggestions on how to build your audience in this article, worth the read, especially if you are active on multiple social networks.

The special tools Google gives us to use however can also limit the growth of our audience. Even though they are designed to do just the opposite! The Q&A app is one I pick on that is made to increase interaction, but from my experience (especially for those that have not properly built their audience) it actually limits or eliminates interaction.

Do you use Hangouts on Air as a broadcasting tool and a video creation tool, or is it part of your social media engagement strategy?

Kudos to +Denise Wakeman +Wade Harman +Ian Cleary +Ryan Hanley & +David Garland who were a few folks featured in the article in the images shown.

What are your thoughts about the process in the article for building a crowd?
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How to Build Your Google+ Hangout Audience |

Do you want to grow your Google+ hangout audience? Here are four easy steps to grow your Google+ hangouts.

August 28, 2014 13 comments 6 shares 24 plus ones
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Have you noticed that when you are alone in a Hangout, you may see some suggestions of Hangout Apps to try out?

If you find yourself waiting for someone else to join or being alone when others have left, you may want to take some time to practice using the various tools within the hangout interface. Click on the tools suggested or move your mouse to see more apps on the left side to try out.

Practice using the apps so when it is time to know which ones to use you will feel more confident in what will happen. When you feel confident (from practice), you can Let the Technology Disappear and focus on your message or your meeting instead of the tools... just like using a phone. You don't really think much about that any more.

Members of the Hangout Mastery get a confidence boost by practicing with each other in hangouts and getting their questions answered in practical ways. Join us if Hangouts are part of your future. Visit for details.

h/t: +Michael Daniels for helping me verify this is visible to others.
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August 28, 2014 9 comments 28 shares 36 plus ones
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Recently we had a Google+ Playbook show up that helps us understand lots of things within Google+. Here is my share of the announcement: check it out.

There are loads of tips in that playbook. One I noticed which was kinda new to me relates to hashtags that show in the upper right of posts you see in the stream. Detailed in Chapter 3; Hashtags Discoverability.

I learned that clicking the hashtag up top (1) would flip the post over and show related hashtaged content (2 & 3) without loosing my place in the stream since when I closed the hashtag view of the post (3) it would flip the post back over and bring me right back to where I started.

Great way to find similar content, interact with it, and then return to where you started. It is the little things like this that keep me quite happy poking around finding stuff inside Google plus ;-)
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August 27, 2014 34 comments 109 shares 93 plus ones
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There may be plenty of other ways to do this but since a few new options just came our way, I thought I'd share how I pulled a few things together to get My Phone's Videos turned easily into Animated GIFs.

1) Move the video from your phone to YouTube
We can now get videos from our smart phones into YouTube easily with the newly announced Google+ Import to YouTube feature:

Since most of us have auto-backup turned on via the G+ App, this is pretty easy to do. As an example, this GIF started as a video on my phone which was auto uploaded to G+ via auto backup. I then Imported the video to YouTube with the new option visible on our YouTube Uploads page.

2) Take any video from YouTube, add "gif" just after the 'www.' and make an Animated GIF image up to 10 seconds long. Or go directly to and add in a YouTube video URL.

You'll get to choose the starting point and how long to make the GIF last (up to 10 sec). Then it makes a new URL of the GIF for you which you can share right away.

What I did here is I Right-clicked on the GIF image displayed and chose to download the file (save image as) to my computer so I could then add the file directly to the G+ post you see here.

This is something I've been wanting to do for a while with free tools, and now we have it. Do you have videos on your phone you'd like to make into Animated GIFs?
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August 27, 2014 8 comments 19 shares 39 plus ones
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We've been wanting to see this happen for quite some time and now it is here. When a video we made gets uploaded directly to Google+ we now have a way to Import it over to our connected YouTube channel.

Watch this very short video to see the basic process for bringing our videos that are uploaded to Google+ (commonly from our smart phones via auto-backup) over to YouTube. It is now easier without needing to download and upload again.

To learn a lot of the details on how this works for special situations like dealing with pages and profile accounts, check out this helpful post by +Peggy K where she covers many of those details here:

ping +Mikey Borup & +Tim Schmoyer 
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August 26, 2014 13 comments 31 shares 45 plus ones
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Google has released a Google+ Playbook; chapter 5 focuses on Hangouts.
Here is the link to the entire PDF file:

The playbook includes chapters covering the following:
► Getting Started
► Promote Your Presence
► The Stream
► Google+ Pages
► Hangouts
► Communities
► Photos
► Events

Note that there is a clickable Index at the very end of the PDF to help you get around the document easily.

Loads of easy to follow suggestions are included. Certainly worth bookmarking or downloading the PDF file for later.
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August 25, 2014 12 comments 8 shares 25 plus ones
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I was honored to have a tip added to this list of 18 Marketing tips for using Social Media gathered together by +Social Media Examiner. Check them out, you'll find something good I'm sure of it!

The folks that were selected to add tips here are also part of the Social Media Success Summit for 2014 coming soon. It looks to be an awesome event, and you don't have to do any travel to get to it! If you're considering attending, try using my Affiliate Link to get there:

If you choose to attend #SMSS14  or not, the listing of tips linked here in the post will get your mind churning on ideas that could be just the help you've been looking for.

Honored to be among some familiar names like:
+martin shervington +Ryan Hanley +Rebekah Radice +Mari Smith +Sue B. Zimmerman +Neal Schaffer just to name a few.
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18 Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve Your Marketing |

Are you looking for actionable social media marketing tips? This article shows 18 ways to improve your social media marketing and networking.

August 20, 2014 1 comments 1 shares 7 plus ones
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Three in-depth tips are covered in +Ray Hiltz's weekly newsletter this edition: 1) Improve your chances of getting your comment featured in a HOA, 2) How to adjust privacy settings on Google+, 3) Posting tips to Get More Interaction on Google+.

The featured image here is related to the Comment Tracker tips which are inspired by my recent post: (Dig into more comment tracker updates here:  ) 

Ray does a wonderful job explaining the why and the how for each of these areas. The infographic he displays at the end is chock full of wonderful information re. the Posting Tips area, you really should check it out. And it has a wonderful concise take-away summary.

Credit for the info graphic goes to +Irfan Ahmad and +CircleCount 
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Your Google Plus Tips Of The Week | Issue 114

Google Plus Tips for Aug 16th - issue 114 1. Improve chances of getting your Comment Featured in a HOA 2. Want a little privacy on Google+? 3. How to Get More Interaction on Google+ Improve chances of getting y...

August 19, 2014 16 comments 31 shares 51 plus ones
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When you are the Host of a Hangout on Air (HOA) it is wise to get the big picture of what is going on. This screenshot shows what I see just before I choose to start the broadcast.

Many of us use the Scheduled HOA Event method to scheduled and run a HOA broadcast. That is what is pictured here. I take my HOA interface (shown with a blue outline), resize it, and stack that window on top of the event page.

The Event page is where people gather to view the show. That's what you see beneath the HOA interface window.

If I am the host of the HOA, then I'll see a Preview indicator (shown with the yellow oval). If the HOA host presses the play arrow on the video a preview of the video feed is seen by only the host before the show has started.

Both techniques shown here are quite helpful to the Host to verify that all looks as it should before they start the broadcast. This helps the host see the bigger picture.

Quick question for you: What happens when you press the Blue Start Button shown in the bottom left?

Learn all you need to know about Hangouts as part of the Hangout Mastery membership... visit for details.
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August 15, 2014 40 comments 22 shares 39 plus ones
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The Comment Tracker hangout app allows you to build trust with your viewers as well as offers a wonderful way for live interaction to take place inside your HOA Broadcast.

Watch this quick overview video which covers why you'd want to bring live comments into your HOA show as well as the steps you need to take to make it happen.

Recently the Comment Tracker tool we are using here was updated. This overview can help you catch up with the new look and functions, or at least get you started.

This video is a part of a longer training session we had in the private membership called Hangout Mastery yesterday. The following time stamps are click-able and take you to sections of the video:

*What the Comment Tracker is and why you should care*
0:01 ➪ What the Comment Tracker tool does
0:38 ➪ PPI & HOA - what they mean to you
1:35 ➪ True Interaction Builds Trust
2:13 ➪ Comment Tracker app vs. Q&A app

*How to use the Comment Tracker*
3:03 ➪ Where to access the Comment Tracker app in the Hangout Interface
3:45 ➪ Where to add a Source from which to track comments
4:19 ➪ Checking for Reshares of that Source for more comments
5:02 ➪ Navigate to the "Stream" area to interact with the comments
5:37 ➪ Stream: How to Display Comments on screen
6:06 ➪ Example of a Displayed Comment
6:30 ➪ How to Turn Off the Displayed Comment from the screen
6:51 ➪ Note Which Version of Comment Tracker we're using
(get the app here: )
7:26 ➪ For more help with Comment Tracker & HOA in general, join us at

There are plenty of other details on how to use this great combination of tools that we cover in the private membership group called Hangout Mastery. Join us if you want to get the most out of Hangouts and Hangouts on Air as efficiently as possible.
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h/t: +Gerwin Sturm for making the awesome tool