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February 26, 2015 3 comments 9 shares 25 plus ones
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Not sure how to make this an option for your business yet, but interesting to see that it is being tested.

Since hangouts are not just video but also a text chat environment, I thought you might be interested in seeing this. Looks like that kind of chat can't turn into a video type, or maybe it can. Hard to tell from the screenshot.

h/t" +Denis Labelle & +Johan Claeys for the alerts to related articles.
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Google Tests Live Chat With Businesses From Search Results

Google is testing out a service that incorporates live chat with businesses right into search results, via a new link that shows whether a business is..

February 25, 2015 20 comments 15 shares 34 plus ones
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The 1 on 1 video chat tool which was just re-released on Firefox promises to be 'easier to use' for one to one video chats than other online video tools since no login or account setup is required. These 11 annotated screenshots are from my first round of testing as a non-signed in user.

My initial announcement post is here:

The first 4 screen shots show what it is like to Start up a video call via the Firefox Browser. Then the next 4 images show what you see when you are Joining into a video call that someone else started (using Firefox or Chrome browsers). And the final 3 screenshots outline some of the things you see when Returning to the 'conversation' at a later time - what I am calling reusing the reserved URL of the video call.

I'm a fan of Google Hangouts as many know, but wanted to give this new video chat tool a test to see what it offers.

Kind of lean on functionality, but...
There are no extra tools (like screenshare - which I really missed), and it is only for 2 people at a time. But the fact you can share a link with someone and as long as they are using a WebRTC enabled browser (i.e. Chrome & Firefox), the invited party can join you in your Firefox initiated call is pretty nice.

For those of you wondering what this all looks like, I've made these visual notes for you to review. Read the annotations I've included to get more details.

My take:
Firefox Hello is not a replacement for Google's multi-person Hangout Video Call, not as useful for collaboration, and there is no broadcast-turn-into-a-video (Hangout on Air) function, plus the different interfaces you'll see depending on being the initiator or the invitee could be confusing... but it looks like a viable quick video chatting tool if people are using the proper browsers and just have not got their head around using Hangout Video Calls yet. I think it is a good start, and time will tell what other features get added in the future.

For most uses, I still like Hangouts better, and so can you if you learn how they work! For a step-by-step way to learn Hangouts…
And then when you're ready to take your Hangouts to the next level
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February 25, 2015 16 comments 12 shares 28 plus ones
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This video calling feature from Firefox uses WebRTC compatible browsers (Firefox & Chrome are 2 that support it right now). No account setup is required, send a link to the chat and they can join the call with you.

No connection that I see (yet) for a broadcast like a Hangout on Air, and I've not really learned all the details, but the fact you can do a video call with someone without needing to sign in or register will be helpful to many until they run into more limitations.

I've attached this short intro video on FireFox Hello:

Here's the official announcement page from Firefox/Mozilla:

Both users in Firefox works, or one starting in Firefox and the other joining via a link in Chrome could work as well (both support WebRTC).

I'm sure that we'll see more about this soon. It apparently is not a new service, but it has just been re-released.

Update: I've done a review on how this works including annotated screenshots here:

Have you used it yet?
What are your thoughts on it?
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February 24, 2015 5 comments 6 shares 26 plus ones
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This is a great article by +Rebekah Radice on the topic of Repurposing. She includes 11 actionable ideas on how to do it in this linked article.

If you have wondered what might be some simple steps to get started, this is the post for you. I often find that I am so busy with upcoming projects that I neglect some of the basics shown here, so this posting is not just to help you, but to encourage me to get more serious about the value and tactics of repurposing my content.

Do you use any of these ideas already?
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11 Ways to Repurpose Blog Content Into New Media

Want to extend the shelf life of your blog content? Repurpose in an updated format!

February 23, 2015 14 comments 11 shares 37 plus ones
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When you are invited as a Hangout on Air (HOA) guest there are a couple screens you see before you Join Into a HOA filmstrip.

The first one you see requires you to agree to the terms and conditions of the Hangout on Air... things like you agree you may be broadcast and recorded, etc.

The next screen you'll see after agreeing to the terms is the one pictured here. It has a big Green Join Button so you can enter the HOA interface and interact with the other members of the call inside the HOA interface.

You may not know if the HOA has started broadcasting or not, so it is a good idea to take a moment here and look at what you see around you. Is what you are showing what you want others to see?

You may want to move things around a bit (papers on the desk, drinks on the table, etc.) before you press the Join button. Once you press "Join", your view won't be as focused on you as this screen shows, but if you like, you can pin your own thumbnail to see a similar view again once inside the filmstrip.

Learn more about the Hangout Interface so you are ready to handle all it offers you.

For a step-by-step way to learn Hangouts...
Are you ready to take your Hangouts to the next level?
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February 21, 2015 10 comments 3 shares 20 plus ones
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Get a Virtual Ticket  for Social Media Marketing World 2015
Not only can you attend this great Social Media Marketing Convention from the comfort of your home or office, the Virtual Ticket is far less expensive! ...

Click on this affiliate link: ... to find out all the details and sign up. There is a special price discount going on right now so check it out, even if you are just curious.

I'll be one of the speakers at the convention talking about Hangouts on Air and how they can Build & Empower your Audience. There are many others covering all types of Social Media topics/areas.

Note: if you purchase via my affiliate link I will receive compensation... which I certainly would appreciate!
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February 18, 2015 13 comments 23 shares 56 plus ones
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Helping you make better looking Google Plus posts
Google Plus is much more like a blogging platform than many other social platforms. This means you'll likely end up creating posts that are much more involved and can be quite lengthy.

Plus Mentions
One important social aspect to posting is mentioning others that are somehow related to your post. On Google+ we call that "Plus Mentioning"... it creates an active link to the profile/page you mentioned. When you are typing on the fly, you simply type a + character followed immediately by the person or page's name in the G+ Posting box.

But what about when you want to draft your post, think about it more, edit, think, edit and then go?

For those occasions when it is smarter to use a plain text editor to create your post and then later on paste the text into the G+ Posting box, I offer a few suggestions.

Using a Text editor for Plus Mentions and Formatting
When you want to craft the text outside of G+ and still include the proper Plus Mentions, find the person/page's G+  ID and use that in the text editor... when you eventually post it on Google+ it will turn into that desired link to the person/page.

Example: My Profile ID is shown as but if you find a link to my name and right-click on it you can copy the link address of the Google ID that looks like this:

Grab the numbers ( 108210288375340023376  ) and add a + right before them (with no spaces) and when you post like that, it will turn into a Properly formatted Plus Mention on Google Plus.

Don't forget other formatting options to help break up longer posts, such as using an * character or an _ character on either side of the text to make Bold or Italic text respectively. Use no spaces between the formatting characters and the text for best results.

Hashtags also work this way. Type the # symbol followed immediately by a single word in your text editor and when you paste that into your posting area and share it, the text magically turns into a live hashtag link.
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Want a structured way to learn hangouts?
Ready to take your hangouts to the next level?

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It's no secret that Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air are a wonderful way to communicate your message. It's also no secret that mastering the hangout toolset can be quite technical and challenging at times.

That's why this seasoned software trainer has decided to offer various ways to assist you on your journey to getting the most out of Hangouts with your goals in mind.

From Hangout Basics to Hangout Mastery including customized implementations we've got you covered. Visit the page linked here to see which options fit your needs best for getting the most out of the Magical Communications Tool called Hangouts & Hangouts on Air.

Training You for Hangout Success!
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Hangout Training - The Hangout Helper

Hangout Training to take your Google Hangouts and Hangouts on Air to the next level. We offer 3 different ways for you to improve your visual communications

February 16, 2015 3 comments 16 shares 31 plus ones
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Get the Best Training for Hangouts - Special pricing ends Today!
I've spent years helping people 1 on 1 or in a membership group learn how to best use Google Hangouts & Hangouts on Air. Now you can get that help on your own schedule & at your own pace for a Heavily Discounted Price!

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There's No Risk at all since they can get the course, try it out for 30 days and during that time get all of their money back if they don't think it was worth the investment.

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Each of the 9 Training Modules contains a full length video, a printable study guide (with fill in the blanks questions & answer key) and other items to assist you in learning the way that works best for you. All at your own pace... All on your own schedule.

All at where We take you from Hangout Basics to Total Hangout Confidence.
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All About Hangouts - Training You for Hangout Success

February 13, 2015 3 comments 10 shares 24 plus ones
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Watch part of a proven Hangouts on Air Audience Building Strategy.

This insightful video outtake gives a quick but useful overview of a proven HOA - Hangout on Air Audience Building Strategy. This 1.5 minute video snippet is pulled from part 9 of the Hangout Foundations Training Series.

View the other Free Preview videos we've made for you and see a bulleted summary of what else is included when you purchase the complete Hangout Foundations Training series by visiting the Product Tour page at

Part 9, or Module 9 is called Your Step-By-Step to Hangout Confidence and includes a 5-Step plan for Hangout Success!

Each Video Training Module contains a full length video, a printable study guide (with fill in the blanks questions & answer key) plus other items to assist you in learning the way that works best for you. All at your own pace... All on your own schedule.

All at where We take you from Hangout Basics to Total Hangout Confidence.
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