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August 26, 2014 1 comments 17 shares 29 plus ones
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Google has released a Google+ Playbook; chapter 5 focuses on Hangouts.
Here is the link to the entire PDF file:

The playbook includes chapters covering the following:
► Getting Started
► Promote Your Presence
► The Stream
► Google+ Pages
► Hangouts
► Communities
► Photos
► Events

Note that there is a clickable Index at the very end of the PDF to help you get around the document easily.

Loads of easy to follow suggestions are included. Certainly worth bookmarking or downloading the PDF file for later.
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August 25, 2014 10 comments 7 shares 23 plus ones
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I was honored to have a tip added to this list of 18 Marketing tips for using Social Media gathered together by +Social Media Examiner. Check them out, you'll find something good I'm sure of it!

The folks that were selected to add tips here are also part of the Social Media Success Summit for 2014 coming soon. It looks to be an awesome event, and you don't have to do any travel to get to it! If you're considering attending, try using my Affiliate Link to get there:

If you choose to attend #SMSS14  or not, the listing of tips linked here in the post will get your mind churning on ideas that could be just the help you've been looking for.

Honored to be among some familiar names like:
+martin shervington +Ryan Hanley +Rebekah Radice +Mari Smith +Sue B. Zimmerman +Neal Schaffer just to name a few.
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18 Social Media Marketing Tips to Improve Your Marketing |

Are you looking for actionable social media marketing tips? This article shows 18 ways to improve your social media marketing and networking.

August 20, 2014 1 comments 1 shares 7 plus ones
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Three in-depth tips are covered in +Ray Hiltz's weekly newsletter this edition: 1) Improve your chances of getting your comment featured in a HOA, 2) How to adjust privacy settings on Google+, 3) Posting tips to Get More Interaction on Google+.

The featured image here is related to the Comment Tracker tips which are inspired by my recent post: (Dig into more comment tracker updates here:  ) 

Ray does a wonderful job explaining the why and the how for each of these areas. The infographic he displays at the end is chock full of wonderful information re. the Posting Tips area, you really should check it out. And it has a wonderful concise take-away summary.

Credit for the info graphic goes to +Irfan Ahmad and +CircleCount 
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Your Google Plus Tips Of The Week | Issue 114

Google Plus Tips for Aug 16th - issue 114 1. Improve chances of getting your Comment Featured in a HOA 2. Want a little privacy on Google+? 3. How to Get More Interaction on Google+ Improve chances of getting y...

August 19, 2014 16 comments 30 shares 50 plus ones
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When you are the Host of a Hangout on Air (HOA) it is wise to get the big picture of what is going on. This screenshot shows what I see just before I choose to start the broadcast.

Many of us use the Scheduled HOA Event method to scheduled and run a HOA broadcast. That is what is pictured here. I take my HOA interface (shown with a blue outline), resize it, and stack that window on top of the event page.

The Event page is where people gather to view the show. That's what you see beneath the HOA interface window.

If I am the host of the HOA, then I'll see a Preview indicator (shown with the yellow oval). If the HOA host presses the play arrow on the video a preview of the video feed is seen by only the host before the show has started.

Both techniques shown here are quite helpful to the Host to verify that all looks as it should before they start the broadcast. This helps the host see the bigger picture.

Quick question for you: What happens when you press the Blue Start Button shown in the bottom left?

Learn all you need to know about Hangouts as part of the Hangout Mastery membership... visit for details.
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August 15, 2014 40 comments 22 shares 38 plus ones
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The Comment Tracker hangout app allows you to build trust with your viewers as well as offers a wonderful way for live interaction to take place inside your HOA Broadcast.

Watch this quick overview video which covers why you'd want to bring live comments into your HOA show as well as the steps you need to take to make it happen.

Recently the Comment Tracker tool we are using here was updated. This overview can help you catch up with the new look and functions, or at least get you started.

This video is a part of a longer training session we had in the private membership called Hangout Mastery yesterday. The following time stamps are click-able and take you to sections of the video:

*What the Comment Tracker is and why you should care*
0:01 ➪ What the Comment Tracker tool does
0:38 ➪ PPI & HOA - what they mean to you
1:35 ➪ True Interaction Builds Trust
2:13 ➪ Comment Tracker app vs. Q&A app

*How to use the Comment Tracker*
3:03 ➪ Where to access the Comment Tracker app in the Hangout Interface
3:45 ➪ Where to add a Source from which to track comments
4:19 ➪ Checking for Reshares of that Source for more comments
5:02 ➪ Navigate to the "Stream" area to interact with the comments
5:37 ➪ Stream: How to Display Comments on screen
6:06 ➪ Example of a Displayed Comment
6:30 ➪ How to Turn Off the Displayed Comment from the screen
6:51 ➪ Note Which Version of Comment Tracker we're using
(get the app here: )
7:26 ➪ For more help with Comment Tracker & HOA in general, join us at

There are plenty of other details on how to use this great combination of tools that we cover in the private membership group called Hangout Mastery. Join us if you want to get the most out of Hangouts and Hangouts on Air as efficiently as possible.
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h/t: +Gerwin Sturm for making the awesome tool

August 12, 2014 20 comments 15 shares 47 plus ones
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A common problem for many people is having too many accounts on Google Plus. This does not fix that situation, but helps you manage it better when invited into a video call...

As pictured in the 3 images below, we have the option now to Switch Accounts before joining a video call (either Hangout Video Call or Hangout on Air).

If someone invites you into a video call and they send the invitation to the wrong account (not your preferred account), you now have the option to switch accounts before joining the call via the "Switch account" link pictured in image number 1 at the bottom of the Join Interface.

This is not used to change from being a "Profile" to being a "Page" but is used if you happen to be invited (and received that invite) into a call and are using the wrong account. You'll see the account invited via the email address displayed below the Join button.

Your best bet is to tell those inviting you which is the proper account to use and potentially try to remove the wrong account from the system, but that is a whole different process and issue to address.

+Susan Finch brought this new option to my attention recently. I think it is helpful for people when they are getting invited into video calls frequently with the wrong account. Hopefully that is not you!

We cover these types of changes inside the Hangout Mastery private community (a paid membership environment)... check it out at
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August 11, 2014 14 comments 14 shares 52 plus ones
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Many people like to comment before, during or after a Hangout on Air (HOA) Broadcast. The Comment Tracker tool helps gather those into 1 convenient location as a HOA host, and then do the magic thing... Bring them into the HOA live show.

This means Live Interactive TV is really here!
Here are two tips to help you get Your Comment on Screen
► Treat each comment as a stand-alone comment instead of referencing another one; you don't know which one will be shown.

► Try to keep your comments short. It is better to have 2 short comments instead of 1 longer comment. The whole comment can be seen better on screen that way.

Most of the tips I share re. Comment Tracker are for those running the show, the Host or the Comment Wrangler in the filmstrip, but this post is for you the commenter... it should help you understand some of the concerns those displaying your comments have to consider.

We've seen a recent update to the Stand-Alone Comment Tracker tool made by +Gerwin Sturm which is pictured below. The Hangout Mastery membership group will have a complete training session on using it very soon, and from that training, I'll pull out some video to share publicly.

If you are on the hosting side of things, check out details re. the Hangout Mastery private membership via
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August 10, 2014 4 comments 21 shares 50 plus ones
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The Showcase app allows us to add live click-able links on a sidebar of our HOA broadcast & recording. +Mark Traphagen has written up some ideas on how to Market using the new app.

There are times when you want to get Personal with your viewers in a HOA and also engage them with Interactive commenting, but there are other times you want to do a Presentation.

For the times when Presentation is the goal, then using the showcase app adds some great options for directing people to your website landing pages or other online content as a part of the presentation process.

Read up on Mark's article written for +Marketing Land linked below.

If you think some of your viewers may learn about your Showcase Enabled HOA video via YouTube, you may want to check out this post which shows what they will see when watching the video on YouTube instead of inside Google plus:
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How To Market With The New Google Plus Showcase Hangouts

In the early days of television, many shows had sponsors that not only got their brand name in the show title (“The Kraft Music Hall” or “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom”) but also in all the advertising on the show. In fact, sometimes the advertising would be in the show. (Suddenly one character might breathlessly tell […]

August 08, 2014 29 comments 17 shares 63 plus ones
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If you really want your HOA activity to go to the next level, you'll want to bring Live Comments from viewers into the show. The Comment Tracker tool lets you do that. This allows your show to become more interactive, which helps build trust.

There are a couple of versions of the Comment Tracker tool, one is part of the Hangout Toolbox app and another is called the Stand Alone version of Comment Tracker which many of us started calling the Double Bubble version since it has a green double chat bubble icon.

The Stand Alone version has just gone though a fantastic update and looks and works slightly differently now. I'll be doing some training on how to use it for the Hangout Mastery membership group soon and some of that will be brought out to the public to see... be watching for that next week.

In the meantime you can get this stand alone comment tracker app via:

...or if you had used it before, the new update will just show up when you access the stand alone comment tracker tool via the hangout apps menu on the left sidebar (shown pictured below).

Why do I prefer the stand alone version of the app? Because it works with Google+ Events and the other version will not. It is still a bit tricky to make the event post work, but it eventually does if you know how. The Hangout Toolbox's version of Comment Tracker still will not work work with Events at all.

Join us in the Hangout Mastery area to learn all the ins and outs of these various tools for Hangouts/HOAs via (a paid membership).
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h/t: +Gerwin Sturm for building/updating the tool

August 07, 2014 17 comments 85 shares 73 plus ones
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Many of you know I’ve created a paid membership community focused on Hangouts and Hangouts on Air called Hangout Mastery. With this special offer you can try it out for free!*

Many people waste time searching the Internet for information on how to build trust with their constituents, create influence online and leverage social media as a part of their business strategy. I’ve created a way for you to get all this information in one location as well as keep up on the latest with Google+ Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. All these things keep changing and we keep you up-to-date inside of Hangout Mastery.

Since Summer is in full swing around here it’s a good time to offer a Sizzling Summer Special for Hangout Mastery! And while this special is super-hot, I want more people to see how cool it can be inside the Hangout Mastery community! My team and I worked up a *FREE 15-day Trial Membership to our Private Google+ Community.  

Normally, only fully paid members can access the private community, but I’m offering it to you absolutely FREE for 15-days. Not only that, at the end of the FREE Trial we will give you a chance to sign up for full Hangout Mastery membership at a very special discounted rate - one that the general public can’t get to unless they sign up for the FREE Trial as well. (Please share this post/offer with others)

This Sizzling Summer Special is only going to last a little while - so visit the page linked below where I have a short video explaining what it’s all about - then sign up and get on the inside to start your journey toward Hangout Mastery.
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