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April 14, 2014 8 comments 6 shares 30 plus ones
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If you are interested in Hangouts on Air - that live broadcasting tool that automagically turns into a YouTube video when done - You'll be interested in these 2 HOAs today.

First: Featuring +David Amerland's book Google+ Hangouts for Business which is hosted by +Eric Enge & +Mark Traphagen of +Stone Temple Consulting 

Second: Featuring +Lisa Engles where we will be talking about the Strategy and methods to use HOA for your business focused on Hangout Strategies for Visionary Leaders.

I'll be a guest in both of these which is one reason why I am drawing them to your attention. Looking forward to seeing you in the comments as NFGs (Non Filmstrip Guests).
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April 14, 2014 22 comments 30 shares 55 plus ones
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As a guest of someone's HOA (Hangout on Air), if you are tech savvy enough, you'll want to help out by loading up and testing certain links and functions to see if  'all systems are go' for the show to come.

In this screenshot you can see the text doc I created to hold a few links for the various HOAs in which I'll be a filmstrip guest today. One link I test is the "Public Reshare of the Event Post" which is used for ver. 1 of the Comment Tracker hangout app. It allows us to track comments and bring them visually on screen during the live show, even if they come from the Event itself. I prefer this to Google's Q&A app for I feel it is "More Social".

Another check I do is for the Microphone, Camera, Lights and Lower Third... all before ever being invited by the HOA Host into the HOA greenroom (the pre-show time when we are almost ready to go live).

For those able to see it, the doc I've got ready here also has a place for an Emergency Recovery link for the HOA. This is where I put the URL to the HOA that will be the live broadcast. It is only used by filmstrip guests for quick re-entry into the live HOA if they happen to loose connection to the show while it is in process. You'll notice it is blank at this time since I am in not yet invited into the HOA greenroom but am performing the pre-pre-show checks on my own.

Sometimes we take these things for granted if we've done these things for a while, but I think it is good to be reminded of some of the things you can do to get ready to go... IMO, when you have all these things verified, then the rush of activity that happens in the pre-show greenroom can be less stressful allowing for a more successful broadcast.

What do you do to get ready emotionally and technically for your HOAs... no matter if you are a Filmstrip Guest or the HOA Host?

As a reminder, here is a link to a recent HOA show where we discussed being a Great HOA Guest:

And if you are really wanting to master this Hangout stuff, check out the paid membership group called Hangout Mastery here:
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April 11, 2014 24 comments 3 shares 58 plus ones
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I did one more HOA but also had a little time to take some motion shots and a great one from the pool. My Dad's place in Florida, where we are visiting him before he returns to Wisconsin. The flowers are stunning, and the setting... well I'll let you judge for yourself.

April 11, 2014 21 comments 2 shares 41 plus ones
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Believe it or not this is my 3rd day in Florida but the first time I got out of the house due to Hangout commitments... back on screen in 1.5 hours. In #CapeCoral

April 08, 2014 16 comments 14 shares 38 plus ones
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In this context, HOA means Hangouts on Air. HOA are the live broadcast part of Google Hangouts. They automatically become YouTube videos when you are done and here is just such a video. Note: look for the clickable summary points below.

My Featured guest +Rebekah Radice takes us through some fantastic ideas and tips on how to be a Great HOA Guest if you are on the video panel aka 'filmstrip'.

The panel with +Debi Davis +Mike Allton +Jeff Sieh and myself bring in additional perspectives from time to time and the non-filmstrip guests also chime in with fantastic comments live on the screen. This all took place in a HOA Event where you can see the great interaction that goes on in a HOA Event like this.

The main points of the show are summarized here:
58:31 - Preparation
59:24 - Looking your best - Branding
1:00:37 - Presentation
1:01:33 - Turn off distractions

We hope you can find time to watch the entire show, maybe even add a comment or two here or in the event linked above, but the short 3 min. segment referenced with the clickable time codes above should help you understand some of the great ideas we covered in the show.

I run a Membership Group called Hangout Mastery, and in that area we cover the day to day tech behind hangouts and hangouts on air. If you know that hangouts are in your future (they should be) then please considering signing up for the group and getting the technology to disappear while meeting other HOA-ers and growing together. 

Visit for details or find an existing member and use their affiliate link... it won't cost you a penny more and they will love you for it! Signup to Keep Up!
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April 07, 2014 17 comments 6 shares 53 plus ones
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Sometimes it happens this way; you try to schedule things differently, but it just doesn't work out. So catch what you can live and watch the rest later!
One of the best things about Hangouts on Air (HOA) is that you can interact with them while they are live but if that is just not possible, you can also watch them as recorded videos later on.

Here is what I've got on tap where I'm the HOA Host for the next few days as far as Live HOA Broadcasts go...
== == ==
Mon. Apr. 7 at 10am PDT/1pm EDT -
Making the Hangout Mastery Affiliate system work for you
== == ==
Mon. Apr. 7 at 11:30am PDT/2:30pm EDT -
TNTBootcamp Tools N' Techniques - tool review w/ +Christine DeGraff
== == ==
Mon. Apr. 7 at 3pm PDT/6pm EDT -
HOA Guest Tips with +Rebekah Radice - How 2 Bee a great guest
== == ==
Wed. Apr. 9 at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT - Mastery Members Only, invite only
WebinarJam Tool Overview and Training
== == ==
There's others where I'm a guest like with +Lisa Engles on Wed Apr. 9 at 10am PT/1pm EDT and a few others that don't have links for yet, but that's certainly enough to keep you Busy as a Bee watching and learning. Hope you can make some of 'em live and all of 'em eventually. Enjoy!
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April 06, 2014 16 comments 5 shares 39 plus ones
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There is a lot of Gold in Them Thar Hills of Google Plus
For a while now I've been co-hosting a series of Hangouts on Air (HOAs) where +Christine DeGraff & I show you how to use certain Tools to Identify Influencers on Google Plus. Those people are "gold" ...and so is the information they share.

For quite some time, I've told people to "Search for the What on Google Plus and then you'll find the Who". This article shows you the value of that approach with a precious metaphor.

+Mike Allton does a fantastic job explaining the value of "Working the Mine" that is Google Plus. He points out that when you Dig for the What and find it, you'll also have found the Who you should watch moving forward, and eventually look for ways to connect further with that person.
You might find a golden nugget of information that you were looking for, and now you have a brilliant mind to circle on Google+ as well.

It is an interesting coincidence that our HOA series has TNT in the mix as does mining. Starting with the next episode of our series, we will shift a bit from the Tools to the Techniques (TNT) and focus on some of the influencers you are digging for and how they got where they are as well as their impressions on how others interact with them.

Read the article linked below and share it with others, then check out our #TNTbootcamp  show
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Are You Mining Google Plus for Gold?

Back in the 1800’s, settlers began streaming West in hopes of finding land and prospects for a better life. They often passed through my own St. Louis before embarking in various directions. In 1844, one of these settlers, a 34-year old man named James Marshall from New Jersey, had started to farm some land in Missouri along the river, but contracted Malaria. On the advice of his doctor, he packed up and headed further West, all the way to Oregon...

April 06, 2014 6 comments 7 shares 49 plus ones
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There is a "Hangout Wrapper program" called WebinarJam that I'll be reviewing for the Hangout Mastery members very soon.
We'll have Doc Stone, one of the Support Staff for the WebinarJam team in the filmstrip with us for the private overview.

WebinarJam Key Features...
This Webinar add-on tool to Hangouts allows you to use and capture attendee's email addresses, take live polls, display offers, chat, and even incorporate pre-recorded videos. All of this to anyone online; Google Plus user or not.

We Won't Get Sidetracked...
Because I frequently teach people about the Hangout on Air tool, we won't be spending much time on questions related to HOA specifically, instead... we'll focus on what the WebinarJam tool brings the table, and how it interfaces with the HOA tool set. You can quickly learn if this program is useful for you or not.

If you want in on the training session (it will be a bit slower than this preview!)... sign up for the Membership site called Hangout Mastery. We'll be holding this WJ session (using WebinarJam software) live on Wed., April 9, 2014 after we do a Public HOA on how to get your affiliate system working for you with the Hangout Mastery Membership on Monday, April 7.

Members Only Videos & Community...
If you arrive late to the membership group, no worries... you can always watch previous live private training events via the membership site. The membership includes access to the vibrant and helpful Private Google+ Community of the same name. Hope to see you on the inside.

Check out membership details here: or find an existing member and sign up via their affiliate link... they'll thank you for it and it won't cost you a penny more ;-)
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April 05, 2014 9 comments 14 shares 49 plus ones
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Google's Shoppable Hangouts do not have to be limited to 'high fashion' when selected brands use them as they did here.
If you are not up on what a #ShoppableHangout is, check out the HOA session I was involved with not too long ago with +Stone Temple Consulting's +Eric Enge and Google's +Ria Tobaccowala where we discussed a lot of the details about how Shoppable Hangouts work. Here is a link to follow with details and that HOA discussion:

If you want to dive into the actual shoppable hangout pictured below that happened April 4, 2014, go visit this Event Link where you can click the Play arrow on the Special HOA Video and instantly be engulfed in the experience - pretty cool stuff if you ask me.
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April 05, 2014 18 comments 14 shares 46 plus ones
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Watch the interview of +David Amerland by +David F Leopold discussing the release of Amerland's latest book Google+ Hangouts for Business.
I was fortunate to be involved as the Technical Editor for this book. It was great to work with David Amerland in the process and his publishing team as well.

As the days go by, I expect to see a lot of buzz about the book and hope to be involved with some of it as well, but I'd like to pull out 2 quotes/paraphrases from this HOA interview show... the Full HOA Event can be found here:

Paraphrased from 34:08 in the video, here are Amerland's thoughts about the book's final chapter: The Empathy Curve & Your Online Identity... The Value of the Content you Deliver and the Human Connection. As the technology gets more advanced, the empathy factor becomes even more important. The Human Connection added here via HOA allows our empathy to shine through .. if our empathy is not visible, then we will not make the impact needed to properly communicate our message/content.

And then a great question about writing a book by Leopold is answered by Amerland at 50:24 - A book should be a platform... a springboard; You get on it and it propels you to greater heights through an increased synthesis of awareness and knowledge. ~ David Amerland

It is fantastic to be involved with such talent, especially in an area where I too have so much passion. I believe that Hangouts are the future for communicating your message in an age of increasing transparency. And I'm glad to help people master the tool such that The Technology Just Disappears.

Preorder the book here:
If you are interested in mastering the technology of Hangouts come visit us at or find an existing member and signup via their affiliate link... same price for you, helps them out!
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